History In 1640 the Abbot and community from the Abbey of St. Nicolaus of Brauweiler near Cologne, bought parcels of land from two citizens (one from Johannisberg, the other from Winkel). The purchase included vineyards - some 37,500 square metres - fields and meadows and contained two adjacent houses which gave the estate its present name. The purchase of this estate was approved by Prince Anselm Casimir, Archbishop of Mainz on the 17 November 1640 on condition that a series of taxes and responsibilities had to be fulfilled by the community of Johannisberg. These duties were reaffirmed by Abbot Johannes Münch of the Brauweiler Abbey. (Copies of excerpts from the governing council's minute book showing the above exchange of documents are in our possession). After the secularization of the monasteries in 1803, the ownership of this estate passed to the Principality of Nassau. The next recorded owner of the Abteihof was Georg Schamari. His widow Kunigunde sold the property to the maternal great grandparents of the current owner- Nicolaus Kempnich and his wife Martha for 2705 Gulden. Our wine estate, in common with many wine-growing producers, used to include some agricultural activity, has been affected by the marketing of wine in bottles which began in the 1950s and has caused us to concentrate on wine production exclusively. Today we cultivate 20 Morgen of vineyards (1 Morgen = 2500 square metres) using the most up to date environmentally friendly techniques. Our vineyards are located in the best areas of Johannisberg, Hattenheim, Geisenheim and Winkel. (Many of our vineyards lie in locations classified as the first class growth areas) and are planted with 80% Riesling, 17% Spätburgunder and 3% Müller-Thurgau vines. We offer 30-40 different wines from several vintages. Some 70% of our wines are finished as dry or semi-dry. A selection of our wines are matured in wooden barrels for between 3 and 12 months."
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